AktiMate Micro

AktiMate Micro B

Introduced in November 2014, the big improvement over its predecessor (AktiMate Micro) was the removal of the iPod dock and the addition of Bluetooth. In 2017 it continues to have high demand.Cosmetically it is noticeably different with the removal of the dock which had previously been concealed in the top of the active speaker - and the addition of a stylish aluminium tweeter ring.The On/Off switch is located on the rear panel of the active speaker, and a blue LED lights above the volume knob when the system is on. The knob on the left hand front is a three position input selector for Bluetooth, USB (for PC playback) or 3.5mm jack plug input.Winning awards as Desktop Speaker of the Year in both the UK and Australia, this speaker continues to impress with its versatility and dynamic sound.

All cables are supplied - these include 3.5mm and USB together with speaker cable to link the active and passive speakers.

AktiMate Mini+ B

Released in November 2014 this system continues to remain one of the most popular of the AktiMate range. It provides 2 x RCA inputs (L&R) which are ideal for connecting a CD player, tuner, or other line level source. The AUX 3.5mm socket is ideal for connecting to a computer sound card, AirPort Express, or any other type of MP3 player. There is also an RCA out option, making this ideal for the connection of multiple pairs of AktiMates.It features the addition of a USB 24bit/96kHz maximum sampling rate for PC use connection, a subwoofer out and Bluetooth 4.0. The iPod dock has been removed. It should be noted that the USB input on the AktiMate Mini+ B is for use with a PC only. It does not accommodate an MP3 player (you would use the 3.5mm line in option), nor does it accommodate a USB stick.Cosmetically it features the new look aluminium tweeter ring which identifies the Bluetooth range of products from AktiMate.The AktiMate Mini+ B is an ideal TV speaker. Connection is simple using one of the RCA inputs. Alternatively it is possible to use the 3.5mm into a headphone out on your TV. Input selection is either by remote control or by use of the control knob on the front of the speaker. The selection operates on a cycle - Bluetooth/USB/Aux 1 (RCA)/Aux 2 (RCA)/3.5 line input.

AktiMate Blue

This active speaker system is based around the latest Bluetooth technology - hence the choice of name for this model. Bluetooth is just one of a number of possible options when it comes to the choice of enjoying home entertainment.The array of inputs and outputs caters for just about everything in a simple, easy to connect, easy to control way.With 2 x RCA plus a 3.5mm stereo jack input, the Blue also offers USB (for PC use only) plus optical and coaxial digital inputs. It has RCA out plus a sub out.Like its predecessor, the AktiMate Maxi, it has a Class AB amplifier in the active speaker with a power output of 60 WPC into its own 4 Ohm speaker load. It has a 165 mm mid/bass speaker with an offset 25mm soft dome tweeter - the speakers being developed specifically for AktiMate. It continues to be available in a choice of familiar AktiMate high gloss options - black, red or white.