Veritas p10 NEXT

The p10 NEXT is the new flagship of the Veritas line. The end goal was to construct an affordable high end loudspeaker that is easy to drive.The p10 NEXT is a masterpiece of German engineering. The tweeter is placed between two 13cm mid-bass units and two 21cm woofers on the front baffle; making a double D'Appolito configuration. The physical symmetry of all drivers are lined up on the vertical axis of the front baffle, and fully synchronized to from a time aligned source of sound waves. The sound of this speaker is impressive as its looks. The construction and the performance of this impressive tower speaker do not exhibit any compromises. Close your eyes and drift away into the world of music. The outstanding dynamic abilities and the holographic picture of the music give a perfect illusion of live music. The p10 reigns supreme in all aspects of music reproduction. The Veritas p10 NEXT is available in the following designs: High gloss black or high gloss white.


200 / 260 W

87 dB (1 W/1m)

21 - 27.000 Hz
Crossover frequency

250 / 2.600 Hz

4 Ohm

27 mm

2 x 130 mm

2 x 210 mm
Dimensions: H x W x D

140 x 25,5 x 24 cm

40 kg