Thor 10.6 Subwoofer Speaker – Black

Introducing the all NEW Thor Series 6 Subwoofer. Richter’s latest Thor Series 6 Subwoofer is faster and more Powerful than previous models – delivering clean, accurate and a deep bass performance you can really feel. Re-designed to appeal to today’s demands we made it smaller and lighter than previous models, making it the perfect addition to any Home Music or Home Theatre room. The advanced performance is achieved from an all new internally Braced Cabinet Design with a High Performance High Excursion long stroke Driver powered from a New High Power Class D Amplifier.

The Thor Series 6 takes Richter subwoofer speakers to a whole new level.
We have focused on Music, integration with other Richter products for a seamless experience and powerful Home Theatre Performance. This is the most powerful, extended yet most musical Richter Sub-woofer to date, delivering accurate, fast deep bass. We also wanted the new Thor Series 6 to be more at home so we redesigned the cabinet.
More power The amplifier is a new High Power Class D Design delivering 450W (RMS) and 800W Peak power delivery. This means a level of control and speed ideal for any Music or Home Theatre system.
Driver A New high excursion, long-stroke driver has been used for greater cone travel, driven by a double magnet engine. This new driver is designed to move a lot of air and to do it fast with a minimal amount of ringing noise. State-of-the-art materials guarantee a long life and keeping to spec.
Full digital control The Thor series 6 uses a new digital signal processor (DSP) with 3 custom modes for, Music, Home Theatre and also Merlin mode to make the perfect partnership with the Award-Winning Merlin MKV.
Cabinet and vents The cabinet has been redesigned into rock solid cube using 25mm MDF and internal bracing for a rigid construction. The large dynamic front ports can now also be tuned with the supplied foam port plugs for even greater control of room and equipment variables to get the best possible performance. We feel this is our best subwoofer to date.

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23.9 kg
53.4 × 43.2 × 53.8 cm

Design Front Ported Bass Reflex with additional Port Tuning
Driver 10” (250mm) High Excursion Long Stroke High Performance Driver
Power New High Power Class D delivering 450w RMS
DSP Modes Music, Theatre and Merlin mode for partnering with the Award Winning MERLIN MKV
Frequency Response 20Hz–160Hz
Phase 0-180 Variable
Crossover 40-160Hz Variable, or Bypass
Connections 2 x RCA Line inputs (1 x LFE) XLR Pass through, Metal Speaker Line
Level connection IN/OUT Dimensions 430H x 365D (including Grill) X 329W Build 25mm MDF Internally Braced Design with 4 x Adjustable Spiked Rubber Feet Finish Matt Black
Weight 19.5KG