Maia Generation 2 is the center-channel speaker for use in Home Cinema installations. It is a very important part in a multi channel surround sound system. This center speaker is the focus, the “center” of on-screen action where crucial dialogue and other audio sounds are directed. Visually and sonically the Maia Generation 2 is matched to the Alya Generation 2 speakers providing an unforgettable auditory experience when watching your favorite movies. Maia is noted for its surreal timbre, tonality and naturalness, particularly evident with the human voice resulting in crystal clear dialogues.

Maia can be mounted on the wall (below a flat-screen TV) or positioned on a A/V table with use of dedicated table stand with spikes. Home Cinema systems using a (ceiling mounted) projector can benefit by using custom designed floor stand (elevating the Maia to about 45cm/17” inches). Wherever you decide to place this solid, elegant performer, you’ll enjoy clear and detailed sound. – 5 channel Divine Acoustics Home Cinema system consists of Maia Generation 2 center channel and compact full-range Alya Generation 2 as the Main (L & R) and Surround (L & R) speakers. For bigger listening rooms front channel can be enriched with Electra Generation 3 floorstanders. – 5.1 channel Home Cinema system requires a subwoofer that should be selected according to the size of the listening room.


The heart of Maia center speaker is the 11cm (4in) wide-range driver, that operates in a precisely dampened closed-cabinet designed within the CRCdesign (Cabinet Resonance Control design) system. The Cabinet is made of materials with varying damping factors. It has been prepared and tuned specifically for Maia’s 4” wide-range driver. This unique drive-unit has a reinforced, ribbed and uncoated cellulose diaphragm weighing less than 6 grams! It also features a soft rubber surround and a massive 10cm (4in) diameter vented magnet system. Thanks to the BAD (Bascet Accurate Dampening) system, chassis resonances are precisely matched to the resonance of the cabinet and also to the diaphragm itself, effectively cancelling them out. The result of these improvements is the ability to faithfully reproduce the crucial near-7-octaves of the musical frequency spectrum with very low distortion and balanced response. The wide-range driver can also work at high excursion and produce high volume levels without distortion. To complement such extraordinary midbass speaker, Maia Generation 2 is equipped with the 25mm (1in) silk dome tweeter used also in Electra Generation 3.


A crucial element to loudspeaker performance is the crossover. It must be designed to seamlessly blend the woofer and tweeter. Here, we have employed 2nd-order filters. This design was selected very carefully to ensure accurate and engaging sound reproduction: uncanny, life-like recreation of the original acoustic space of the recording. The crossover is built using high quality components: all capacitors are polypropylene Jantzen Audio, coils are wound oxygen-free copper wire. The high-frequency crossover filter uses RFpath system system whereby series and parallel resistors have been eliminated from the signal path significantly improving the reproduction of low-level signals. The crossover also incorporates an SGP (Single Ground Point)system: geometric layout of the elements on the board allows to create a single point of ground for all crossover elements and connection wires. The internal wiring made of thin pure copper ribbons have been carefully chosen for high quality signal transfer. Single (+/-) amplifier connection terminals are gold plated.