GRAVITY functions as a buffer. It separates a device which is placed on it from the ground. It prevents spreading of vibration from the ground into the device. What is more, the platform cumulates and suppresses vibrations which are produced by the device. In this way, it restores and ensures proper and comfortable working conditions.

GRAVITY Vibrations Absorbing Platform has been created to work with the CD, DVD, Blue Ray players, amplifiers and turntables. Units placed on GRAVITY gain in dynamic and have more open and natural sound. It also improves bass reproduction and location of the virtual sources in space.


GRAVITY is a complex device consisting of nearly 200 elements. More than 20 materials with different densities and vibration damping factors were used. The decomposition and resonance damping system was created during tests using a vibration generator of different frequencies. As a result, platform effectively suppresses vibrations in the 40-120Hz range, i.e. harmful vibrations that occur in the transformers of the devices and are caused by the electrical network. GRAVITY rests on 4 aluminum alloys with adjustable chromed spikes. Each foot is connected to the bottom of the platform independently, using rigid heavy-walled steel pipes coated with black PVC and filled with a compound of silencers. Each tube has a different length and thus suppresses another frequency range.

The lower worktop was dampened with a special acrylic coating with added silica and cork mats. It is the basis for 3 steel rods with gemstones at their top. They have been carefully selected during listening sessions. Thanks to its crystalline structure, high hardness and diamond-shape grind, they are excellent insulating material for wide frequency spectrum. Gemstones are the support of the top plate, consisting of 4 layers of different density. The top (visible) layer on which the device is placed is a combination of epoxy resins and acrylics filled with fractionated minerals of irregular shape. The structure of the coating requires a very complex process of applying it and slowly drying to avoid internal stresses, since after drying the material exhibits shape memory properties. The irregular shell structure suppresses the resonances of the device standing on it.

Design: Multilayer isolated & dampened semi floating Vibrations Absorbing Platform, reinforced chassis with independently mounted supporting arms, 4 points manual leveling.
Main construction materials: MDF board, HDF board, steel, aluminum, variety of resins.
Supporting materials: gemstones, PVC, chromium, silica, acrylic, silicones, variety of minerals, cork, oak wood, beech wood.

Standard external dimensions:
height: 11cm (4in);
width: 55cm (22in);
depth: 40cm (16in);
Standard table dimensions:
width: 44cm (18in);
depth: 38cm (15in);
(custom size on special order)
Maximum load capacity: 40kg (88lbs);
Leveling range: +/- 6mm (1/4in);
Gross weight: 8kg (17lbs);
shipping weight: 9kg (19lbs).