Design and applications:

The first project in which CeraGem technology was used are the Kepler vibrations absorbing feet. They have a multi-layered, sandwich construction. They are designed to be used as speaker feet – they can replace speaker spikes, and they can also replace the feet of devices such as CD players, DAC’s or amplifiers. Kepler consists of 40 elements, and its main function, the accumulation and dissipation of vibrations, is carried out by 7 layers made of various materials. Inside the Kepler’s enclosure, a rectangular ceramic bar cooperates with gemstones arranged in the shape of a pyramid based on a non-parallel triangle. The stones are kept in a fixed position, they cooperate with chromium-nickel steel and together they form a 3-layer system.

The functional advantages of the structure:

large contact area with the floor / top surface improving stability;
easy height adjustment of the speakers thanks to the flanged ring;;
nuts increasing the contact area with the audio device in a non-screwed version;;
interchangeable pins of different heights;;
keys for replacing the pins in the set.;

Kepler is offered in sets of 3 pieces as a foot for underlaying audio devices and in sets of 8 pieces as a replacement for screw-in speaker spikes. The maximum load on one foot is 20kg, so you can place a device weighing up to 60kg on a set of 3 pieces.