Studio Connection’s ‘Black Star’ cable system does two very different things:
1: It provides extremely fast, transparent power and audio connections; this means signal paths optimised to pass current with no undesired artefact from the cable itself, and without delaying the signal.
2: Crucially, it ALSO provides structural integrity around the audio components; this means controlling the unwanted interaction between components that inevitably occurs when units are connected.

It is only by managing these together that the components of a system can be integrated to ‘sing as one’. Uniquely, Black Star stops both system and cable ‘getting in the way’, and so is the closest you can get to reproducing audio as a true representation of the original signal. And the effect on the sound is profound, making recordings sound more real and present than ever. “The cable is stunning! Its an honour to have heard music this sound good. It’s not everyday stuff like this happens.” Chris Simpson, LOH HUMM AUDIO, West End and National Theatre Sound Designer